Ready, Set, Write

It is not a race, but it is a bit of a journey. As this is my first of many blog posts to come, I hope to welcome you to the site with a quick snippet into my life and what you can expect to find here before jumping in.

First and foremost, I am a writer.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I’m a teacher, a writer, a husband, and a soon-to-be father (priorities in reverse order). I live to write, but I don’t yet write to live. My current day job consists of babysitting teenagers while attempting to teach them something about the English language. When that fails, I at least try to make it entertaining.

hop on pop
“I’m a teacher, a writer, a husband, and a soon-to-be father (priorities in reverse order).”

Teaching can be monotonous and new, stressful and meaningful, dreary and rewarding. On even the best of days, it leaves me questioning my sanity. But there are times, as infrequent as getting to use the bathroom during the school day, that teaching doesn’t suck all the life out me. On those days, I write about my fantasy worlds and the people who live in them.

If you are not into the sci-fi/fantasy genre, don’t bolt out of here just yet. I’ll be posting on two different topics: my writing process and book reviews (most likely it will be sci-fi/fantasy). So if you don’t share my love of lasers and magic, hopefully you can still share in my love of writing.

Every week, I’ll be posting about my writing process and the challenges I face while working through a novel. Mostly, this is to keep me on track with my goals. I have a tendency to slack off when I’m not being held accountable—a deplorable trait I picked up from teaching teenagers. I figure if there is at least one person reading these posts, it’ll motivate me to keep slaving away at the keyboard.

Feeling the need to discuss some of the topics I cover on writing? Leave a comment! The topics I write about will only benefit from my readers’ opinions, and the help will have me eternally grateful.

Book reviews will also be posted each week. I’ll focus on works in fantasy and science fiction, but you should note that every review is a subjective piece, containing my biased babbling. If you disagree, or simply feel like contributing to the babble, please leave a comment! I’ll try to respond as quickly as I can.

T. L. Fawcett


Author: T.L. Fawcett

Teacher, Writer, Husband and Father. Priorities are in reverse order. If you have ever had the pleasure of being around me for long, you'll note I like to waste time babbling about different pieces of nerdy nonsense, ranging from Star Wars news to the latest and greatest in fantasy fiction. While those are some of my favorite topics, writing, reading, and family are my true loves in life. Teaching just pays for the sporadic ventures into my fantasy worlds.

6 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Write”

  1. Aright man I am confused I am me to this blogging stuff but on them comments it says that you replied to the comments on September 20th 2017 at 3:55 a.m. First off why does it say it is a day ahead!? And second off what the heck are y’all doing up that early!? Anyway man can’t wait to read more keep up the good work.


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